• Agent Biggold

    Agent Biggold

    A Gabdorin intelligence agent for the Republic.
  • Agent Taeka Toak

    Agent Taeka Toak

    A hot-headed Chadra-fan, and a officer for the republic.
  • Baskold Rafnold

    Baskold Rafnold

    A bartending Barabel, Wields a pink light-whip.
  • Darth Aboleth

    Darth Aboleth

    A Kage girl, who is incredibly strong in the force.
  • Darth Emptor

    Darth Emptor

    A young woman, an apparent sith apprentice
  • Darth Mortis AKA Hask Dooku

    Darth Mortis AKA Hask Dooku

    The ruler of the Zygerrian Slave empire a hidden sith lord.
  • Empress Rae Sloane

    Empress Rae Sloane

    Empress of the Imperial Remnant.
  • Grand Inquisitor Tyrr

    Grand Inquisitor Tyrr

    A Force sensitive Gen'dai, specializes in killing force users.
  • Jatham Nox

    Jatham Nox

    A Kage guardian of the Whills, a force user.
  • Kae'th


    A Gendai heavy weapons specialist, inhereitor of Bogan's Gang.
  • Niv Eidsel

    Niv Eidsel

    An Aqualish Pod-racer pilot, one of Gossams men.
  • Rorin Leanbow

    Rorin Leanbow

    A disfigured wookiee with a loud mouth/stench.
  • Tink


    An Ewok genius, part of a legendary crew...
  • Zix Zen'dill

    Zix Zen'dill

    A Verpine force user, who was escorting the princess