Commander Jynta Nox "Boss"

A young kage, and commander of Fyrnock squadron.


Jynta Nox CL 10

Medium Male Kage Scout 1 / Soldier 8/ Elite Soldier 1
Destiny 4 (unknown, 4 spent); Force 9 /9; Dark Side 0
Init 12; Senses: Use the Force +15 (17; Dark vision/ low-light)
Languages Basic, Kage, Bocce, Droid, Devaron
Defenses Ref 29 (flat-footed 24, with Flurry 21),* Fort* 26, Will 22; Elusive Target
hp 152 /152; DR 2;* Threshold* 24
Speed 8 squares
Melee unarmed 15 (2d1214)
Melee combat gloves 15 (2d1217) or
Melee combat gloves 13 (2d1217) with rapid strike
Ranged T-21 Heavy Blaster 8 (3d84)
Base Atk +10; Grp +15
Atk Options Flurry, Rapid Strike, stun (combat gloves)
Special Actions Equilibrium, Delay Damage
Force Powers Known (Use the Force +14)
Abilities Str 19 (21), Dex 16, Con 18, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 16
Talents Melee Smash, Longstrider, Stunning Strike, Unrelenting Assault, Indomitable, Teras Kasi Basics
Feats Armor Proficiency (light, medium), Double Attack(simple), Echani Training, Flurry, Force Sensitivity, Shake it Off, Melee Defense, Martial Arts I, II and III, Teras Kasi Training, Weapon Prof (pistols, rifles, simple weapons)
Skills Acrobatics +12, Initiative +12, Knowledge (tactics) +11, Mechanics +11, Pilot +12, Treat Injury +11, Use Computer +11, Use the Force +14
Skills = 5 + int; can draw from Soldier and Jedi lists.
+1 circumstance bonus to Use the Force


Born in 16BBY on Kage, Jynta was raised as a Kage Warrior.
Like his father before him, Jynta showed great prowess as a warrior. Much like the rest of his people Jynta saw the empire as a saviour. The kage had first sought protection from the CIS, but when it fell the Empire stepped in and liberated the Kage from slavery.
After having passed into becoming a Kage warrior himself, Jynta learned of the destruction of the death star and massive blow to the empire. Within a few months, troop shortages, had decreased imperial might on the planet. The Belugans, seized the opportunity and started oppression of the Kage again.

  • OBBY Jynta joined the empire to help the plight of his people.
  • 0BBY Started Imperial academy
  • 2ABY Graduated Academy with honors, gets assigned as riot control on Ryloth
  • 3ABY Met Hak on Kashyyk, was reassigned there.
  • 3ABY Carries out order 37 on Kashyyk, later is known as the kashyyk massacre
  • 4ABY Is reassigned to ISB on Coruscant.
  • 4ABY The Emporer is dead. Jynta and Hak serve as Shock troopers, quenching riots on Coruscant and protecting imperial bureaucrats.
  • *

Commander Jynta Nox "Boss"

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