Zix Zen'dill

A Verpine force user, who was escorting the princess


Zix Zen’Dill CL 20

Medium Male Verpine Jedi 7/Force Adept 9/Force Disciple 4
Destiny 4 (unknown, 4 spent); Force 10/10; Dark Side 0
Init 3; Senses: Use the Force +24 (26; Dark vision/ low-light)
Languages Binary, Droid, Verpine
Defenses Ref 35 (flat-footed 32),* Fort* 35, Will 35;
hp 269/269; DR 0; Threshold 14
Speed 6 squares
Melee unarmed 10 (1d 41)
Melee lightsaber 14 (2d812) or (2d8+17) with both hands or
Melee lightsaber 12 (2d817) with both hands
Ranged Heavy Blaster Pistol 6 (3d84)
Base Atk +20; Grp +10
Atk Options
Special Actions Equilibrium, Force Point Recovery, Improved Move Object, Extended Move Object, Unleashed Move object,
Force Powers Known (Use the Force +24)
Level 1 – move object, farseeing, negate energy, rebuke, mind shard, Force blast, Force blast, Force shield

Level 3 – move object, Force lighting, negate energy, mind shard, Force blast, rebuke, Force slam, repulse

Level 9 – move object, rebuke, negate energy, Rend, Force blast, phase, ballistakinesis, Fold Space

Level 12 – move object, Force Grip, vital transfer, Force blast, Rend, energy resistance, negate energy, Force shield

Level 15 – move object, vital transfer, Force slam, Rend, Force blast, negate energy, rebuke, Fold Space

Level 18 – move object, Force grip, Force lightning, Force blast, Force slam, negate energy, rebuke, Fold Space
Abilities Str 16, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 18
Talents Telekinetic Savant, Telekinetic Prodigy, Telekinetic Power, Channel Energy, Equilibrium, Channel Vitality, Mystic Mastery, Fortified Body, Force Power Adept(Move Object), Many Shades of the Force, Force Power Adept(Rend)
Feats Armor Proficiency (light, medium), Force Sensitivity, Force Training, Weapon Prof (lightsaber, simple), Skill Focus (Use the force), Strong in the Force, Force Boon, Fight through Pain,
Skills Acrobatics +12, Initiative +12, Knowledge (Beraucracy) +11, Mechanics +11, Pilot +12, Treat Injury +11, Use Computer +11, Use the Force +24
Skills = 5 + int; can draw Jedi lists.
+1 circumstance bonus to Use the Force


Zix Zen'dill

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